Information and Background

I do virtual counseling through Zoom technology for Colorado residents, and am currently available for face to face sessions in Tempe, AZ.

My specialties include:

  • Grief and Loss

  • Self Esteem/ Shame

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

I have a background both in teaching and counseling, holding a masters degree in both. After teaching art for a number of years I decided that I loved the one on one interaction with my students and found myself thinking "what would it be like to sit with individuals and practice therapy". This is what ultimately lead me to counseling. 

I enjoy sitting with clients in a setting that allows for openness and healing. Being a healing agent in other's lives is what I believe I was created for. It is what I love and where I thrive.

Counseling Theory

When sitting with me in the counseling context you will find yourself sitting with someone that is calming and centered. My focus in therapy are your personal difficulties, not an easy fix. Therapy is meant to be a long lasting relationship with the therapist in order to provide the best mental health care possible. This type of therapy is what results in long lasting change. I believe that the therapies that tend to be quick and controlled result in immediate change, but not lasting change. Lasting change takes time and energy. As your therapist you will find I will give you many resources that will push you towards lasting change. If you are ready for this journey please contact me and fill out the forms below. 


Some basic paperwork needs to be filled out before beginning our initial meeting. Please download, print, and complete the appropriate forms linked below and bring them in with you for our first appointment.  

Client Information Form